A New Season for Scarlet City Studios

The next few months are going to be a real adventure for the studio. We are having to pull back on Aetherlight Season 2 production while we hunt down some more money. This will mean a trip to America by the board chair and I to have some serious conversations with some people who have money which may help fund the development of the next season. As you may know, we have already started some pre-production for Episode 4 – many of you have provided some great ideas. But we have a situation at the moment where we have more Aetherlight staff than we have money for, so sadly this week we are saying goodbyes to 11 staff. :'( This is the toughest thing I have had to do since establishing Scarlet City Studios. All those who are leaving have made a significant contribution to the Aetherlight. They will be missed, but always remembered as we play Season 1 and see their fingerprints in the world.

The remaining 16 crew will be focussed on building two games for the Museum of the Bible that will be opening in Washington DC in November and, of course, looking after the Aetherlight game community. One of the games we’ve built for the museum links to the Aetherlight and has the Postman leading the player around the museum battling automatons that are using green fog to mess up the museum. We are really excited about having the Aetherlight in the biggest Bible museum in the world!

As the main team works on the museum games, we have a team working on the smartphone version of the Aetherlight. That will mean you will be able to play the game not only on your laptop and tablet, but also on your phone! This is something many people have been asking about for a long time. We expect to have the phone version available at the App store and Google Play in November. While all this is happening, we are also working on a new book set in Aethasia. This story is a real adventure that explores the centrality of Christ in the Father’s plans to redeem his world, all set in the allegorical world of Aethasia. The next step is to find a publisher. We would love to have this book on sale before Christmas.

So there are a lot of diverse things happening at Scarlet City at the moment. The team has their heads in the museum and the phone projects and saying goodbye to some of the Season 1 crew. Whilst doing that we are looking up each day to the Great Engineer, trusting Him to bring the necessary financial resources real soon so we can all pick up the Aetherlight’s Season 2 story, draw the resistance out of the Snowmoors, and help get them back on track!

Keep looking up as we do each day.
Carl Becker, CEO

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