Possible vacancies opening up soon

Things are going nicely here at Scarlet City Studios and we are thinking that we may have some jobs opening up in the next little while. We thought we’d put up a blog post to alert any job seekers out there that they should get in touch.

Here are the roles we are thinking we are going to need soon:

  1. Community Manager – responsible for managing game community, includes forums, chat moderation, customer service as well as all staff in these areas
  2. Tech Lead – responsible for client and server and all staff in these areas
  3. Associate Producer – responsible for maintaining production tools and schedules, working with Executive producer
  4. Effects artist – responsible for adding and developing visual effects for all gameplay areas

At present, none of these positions are firmly locked in our minds about who we are looking for or what the exact job description will be, but we thought we should put our feelers out there and see who emerges.

If you are passionate about working with us on The Aetherlight and feel like you fit into one of the roles above, please send your CV and a cover letter to pauldunn [at] scarletcitystudios [dot] com


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  • Olga

    Hi there, do you need a teen to test the game as you did a while ago?

    • admin

      Hi Olga – since the game is now live we are no longer looking for testers in this capacity, but thanks for the offer!

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