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The 27th of February was the end of an era – the era of 2ndcity studios. Time and circumstance have led to its end – but never fear – it’s also the beginning of something new and exciting!

The team has grown to the point that our premises on Dominion Road could no longer hold us. The walls were bulging and meeting spaces were being quickly filled with desks and the needs of game development – where would we put our ping pong table?! (I’m kidding – we don’t have one.) This is the second time we have outgrown an office space in three years of studio development.

This move in offices was more than just a change of place though – it has incorporated a change of headspace. Late last year, whilst in discussions with our trademarking lawyers we were informed that we would need to change our name to trade in the USA as the ‘2ndcity’ trademark was not available to us in the gaming category. As of April this year, we will officially become ‘Scarlet City studios’.

Despite the phonetic similarities, the move to ‘Scarlet’ is a significant change and an important motif for us. It features prominently in The Aetherlight, but we also believe we can thread it through key parts of all our future properties. Scarlet is the color of redemption – and it’s redemption that truly resonates through all humanities’ stories.

Scarlet City Studios is about telling redemptive stories through digitally driven media.

We want to engage this generation in the environments they inhabit with narratives and experiences that bring them to encounter hope and truth. We craft excellent media containing life-affirming messages, like a scarlet thread in a tapestry that draws people’s attention and so lead them to experience the world in a new way.

We want to build a place in their virtual worlds that reaches into their real world, connecting with them through digitally driven media that captures their imaginations. By using the cultural narratives they know and live out of, we seek to connect messages of redemption and hope with the stories that give them identity. We create compelling worlds and captivating stories based on this conviction that allow people to explore what hope and truth means for their lives.

By crafting beautiful media products that faithfully represent these themes, we want to reveal the world we were intended to be part of.

This new season for our studio marks the beginning of something new for the project too. It is the beginning of our testing phase of ‘The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance’ as well as significant publishing and partnership negotiations.

We look forward to sharing more of the journey with you!

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